Thursday, September 13, 2007

Fasting Month Has Begun

Thursday, September 13, 2007

As you know, it's the month of Ramadhan; where the Muslims fast for a month...

In a university where Muslims are the majority, i'm all alone now! Meal time is now ME time, get it? Lol...lame! Seriously, my friends here are mostly Malays, and therefore, I eat alone...and I can't eat in public, or in front of my friends, that's just being rude...

Other than that, the good news this week is that I get to go home!!! I'm going home...maybe going to blow the rest of my money on shoes and clothes and books. Though, the money is NOT enough at all!!!

Ummm, I sorta made a huuuge mistake in buying this pendrive...I could've gotten one at a much cheaper price, but my impatience betrayed me...what a fool I was...right after paying for it, I wanted to cry for being so sponteneous! I saw a better-looking one for the same price right before, and I didn't bother...I just went and bought the ugly Kingston!!! Now, for my blowout:


There...all done (but not quite!) I still wish to go back in time and correct this stupid fuckin' mistake! Why am I so damn impatient?

Okay, I guess my time's running out...I.R. classes starts in a few minutes...gtg!

Toodlez, bitches!!!