Thursday, September 20, 2007

Assignments Galore...and Tardy Moments...

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Yeah, i'm not quite sure of the whole galore thing, but I wonder why couldn't the professors had given my tasks earlier, when we had a lot of free time. My assignments are all back-to-back, and I sometimes never sleep because my partners and I want to finish 'em on time! And trust me, we do it perfectly, without sleeping...

Another wave of tasks had just hit me like a ton of bricks; building and presenting a website, tons of esay-based questions, and more...but one thing I like about this is, it keeps me busy.I love being busy, and hate passive moments. I love doing work under pressure, as it makes me, or rather forces me to think critically and uniquely...I produce a lot of good stuff when I work under pressure. However, I perceive this to be a very bad habit that I need to break!!!

Know why? Coz I could get an aneurysm at any moment, and stressed-out at any given time...that's why!

I also have a knack for getting to classes a little late...I don't know why, coz I tend to get up long before class, and then I take my time. THIS IS VERY BAD!!! This one time, I read a CNN article about tardy people; it says that tardy peeps (in my words, not CNN!) tend to be programmed that way, and it would take forever to change, coz it's already written in our brain that being late is OK. It also says that quitting tardiness is like quitting the ciggies. The problem is-- the addicts do not want to quit.

I say, this quite puts me in deep shit, coz when I have the chance to be early, I tend to not take it. It's true; i've been programmed for life! BUT, I want to change, and I will try my best...(God, help me...)

Now, let' move on to something else...meh, maybe not! 'Til the next post, toodlez, bitches!!!