Saturday, June 28, 2008

Friendster's Annoyances!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

What is it about Friendster that gets annoying? Ok, ok, before I start...I am a victim of this so-called "social network" of "friends"...well, yeah! I know the 'in' thing is Facebook, but here in Malaysia, it's either Myspace or Friendster.

You see, i only add people i know, or people who i genuinely like to get to know in real life...schoolmates, college mates, genuine and sincere people...

But, as usual, this writer has a few complaints...about some people who are total whack-jobs!

What's with the joint account by gf-bf...showing them kissing, hugging and shitting (not really!), gimme a break, will ya? I may be single, but if i had a bf, would i want to show people all that shit? What's so nice about watching other people smooching while cam-whoring, then adding every Tom, Dick and Harry just to fill in your account? ANNOYING!!!

And what about those losers who add everyone they can, even if they don't know 'em, and then open a 2nd account and repeat? ANNOYING!!!

What about those who keep posting spam-like graphics on your comment box every single day without fail? ANNOYING!!!

And..those who keep requesting for you to be their "friend", even though you've rejected them like dozens of times? ANNOYING!!!

There...a few complaints. There's more, if you ask any sane person who's had it! But, i really keep contact with my real friends through a network like, there's the good and the bad!

Maybe my bitchery has gone gargantuan, as i have been sorta irritable because of a certain person (refer to previous post)...

Do you have any complaints? Do tell...

PS: I wanna go out! For real!