Sunday, March 09, 2008

What A Wake-up Call!!!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

As many Malaysians know, the gov coalition won majority seats in the parliament, but lost five states to the opposition...What a wake-up call, right?

I can't believe my state is gonna be taken over by the! If only i was old enough to vote...if only the parliament was just a few months later, i could!

Man, this whole handing over the state to the opposition thingy is kinda scary and exciting. What kind of changes do you suppose they will bring to the table? Will they be tough on the citizens? Will the state STILL gain government grants for enhancing and development? That, i can't be sure...thinking about it makes me scared.

But, Selangor is the most developed and she attracts the most businesses from in and around the country, so i have no qualms about it after thinking about it in that sense.

As for my assignments, there are still plenty to tasks; still plenty. I just came home to take a break, before i resume all those shitty stuff. It's like, after you complete an assignment, 2 more will come to your doorstep.