Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Long Time No See...

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

It HAS been a long time since my last post...it feels nice updating again...since then, nothing much has really happened. I still haven't goten my loan credited into my account, and more bad news; turns out my fees were more than I had initially thought it was! How sucky is that? I do feel that there's an error somewhere, but in the back of my mind---maybe not!

In other news, I got fatter! Enough said! Eating dinner and sleeping right after has not treated me well...My parents have resorted to taunts of chubbiness...THIS, I DO NOT LIKE! Action that needs to be taken: bring dumbells to start weights+cardio activities...every day!!! And so I begin...and no sleeping after eating, for goodness sake!!! Lesson? If you wanna sleep, do NOT eat! The sugars/carbs turn right into fat on the belly or visceral fat (omentum), which is dangerous!!!

So I shall go back to my room, start my exercises, read my books and prepare for my overdue fees...eat in moderation, drink plenty of water, which I still don't...

However, there are still things that I wouldn't change about myself...they are:
  • Me walking fast---I hate it when people in front of me walk slow...they are what you call banes to my life! Plus, they're just plain annoying!
  • Me reading stuff unrelated to my studies---hey, they make me smart, so why stop?
  • Me being a joker in the family---my mom's a fan, my dad's a fan, now my cynical sister's a fan...next fan to come is my baby sis...she's already laughing when I make funny voices. Lol, so cute!
  • Me loving music---they make life more beautiful!
  • Me loving coffee---nothing to add to this!
  • and many more!

So there goes today's post...till next time...toodlez, bitches!!!