Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Story Today

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

What's up, you say? Well, so far, i'm in day-3 of my major examination...So far, i must say honestly...I sucked big time on this one paper...but i did pretty well on another...and the third? Average...That's NOT what I wanted! I have to buck up! I've been praying a lot, and i hope God hears me.

Other than sucky exams, my mom and dad came back from the O.B. yesterday...the baby is doing good, all the major limbs have formed...Oh my God! I'm so excited. After what my mom and dad have been through the last time, i hope that this baby comes out healthy. Oh shit, the baby will be born around a month right after my 20th birthday! Geez, that sounds kinda freaky, lol! I'll be one of the oldest sisters in the world...but i'm cool with that now. Now i wouldn't worry 'bout mom and dad having empty-nest syndrome after me and my sis go on through adulthood.

I listened to "Hurt" by NIN after a long time, and i missed it. I used to love that song. It's so raw and heart-wrenching...if you'd ever felt what Trent Reznor was trying to say. Well, i'm gonna listen to it again.

I'll be posting more soon. Hopefully a better, more interesting post. I know...I'm dull!