Monday, November 13, 2006


Monday, November 13, 2006

Okay, so the job i was supposed to get is paying minimum wage, i don't know if i should take it...should i? I always jinx myself...wasn't i just saying that life couldn't be better? Then, this happens. Well, if i look at the bright side, i don't have to look for another job...but, as i'm a self-confessed pessimist, i'd rather look for 10 other available jobs that could at least pay wages that fit the job i'm about to partake...

Well, i do have about a month to think about it...

Other than that, i'm still doing my revisions, and i'm doin okay...JUST okay.I'm praying like there's no tomorrow for good results, and asking for intecessions from all my patron saints (uhuh, worked before...really!)

As much as i love planning my future, sometimes weird thing happen, so i'm trying my best to plan and be flexible at the same time...however, i do want my dream to become a reality, i want to become an AMBASSADOR for my country...please, please come true!

As i have not gone into tertiary ed just yet, i can't say that cirumstances won't change things...i've seen this happen tons of times...So, may everything fall into place!

Peace out!