Tuesday, November 14, 2006

When I Looked at A Shooting Star

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

As a young girl of 12-years, i saw the dark, morning sky as i was waiting for my school bus...and boy, did i love looking at the stars! I saw one, twinkling brightly...it was the biggest star i've ever seen...and i said, "Will you be my shooting star, one that i could wish upon?" and you know what happened? It shot across the morning sky...now, i really thought i'd imagined it...but then, my wish came true.

Now, as a 19-year old, i firmly believe in wishing upon a shooting star...how i wish i could find one again!

I really love looking at the stars and the hues of the sky...i'm truly at awe at this! Whenever i look at the sky during sunset/sunrise, my faith in God increases...'coz a godless world couldn't have created such beauty for us to behold. C'mon, how could mere probabilities and 'Big Bang' theories put the beauty of this heavenly painting to justice?


Neo said...

Theories,is creted by men..to explain thing they dont noe how 2 explain,while they dont really believe in GOD.GOD really have a special way 2 proof that GOD exist :) n hey,ur shooting star might end up hitting some guy's head..ahaha :P then he end up marrying u..lol..(Now now,do i have 2 add another daydreamer in ur life?hehe,sep2)