Monday, October 03, 2005

Yo-yo (The Chronicles of Life)

Monday, October 03, 2005

It IS like a yo-yo, my life...It's as i said earlier, i suspect my life is as an undiagnosed patient having bipolar disease. I try to be the best i can be...but no one seems to care.

I wanna make my parents proud, but all they do is take care of my sister's feelings, and they have issues with each other.I have to practically talk non-stop just for them to pay attention to what i have to say. What can i do? Can anyone tell me? My sis is not that lonely, she has a best friend and a boyfriend who loves her and vice versa.

Who have i got? Only a couple of close friend and my family. That's all. No significant other. I do have high ambitions...

Everything that goes wrong in my house, and fingers start pointing at me. I'm a self-confessed black sheep of my family, and all i could do is blog to release the tension, loneliness and pain...And nobody knows who I really am!


Neo said...

in 2009,i bet u hv somebody who know,who u really are..kan kan kan??
chill~(how d hell,im goin 2 repeat this 'chill' word..haha,im annoyed to my own word..ahahah)