Monday, March 09, 2009

Sore Feet And I Do Not Go Well Together

Monday, March 09, 2009

So I went to catch a movie with my besties yesterday...we watched Marley and Me, which I must say sent me into a fiasco of holding back know?

So any macho men wanting to show their girls...or boys a tough don't stand a chance! Delightful movie, though...a little Hallmark-y! But, hell...reminded me of my old dog Lucky. And taht is the reason why i was holding back the tears, it seemed so familiar. Well, just goes to show --> I CAN'T HANDLE GETTING A DOG, COZ SOONER OR LATER...

Anyhoo, after the movie, I tought we were all gonna get something to drink...maybe go fot 'teh tarik' at a stall nearby...but NOOOO...Pris had to take us to this jungle/river recreational site, which I would've loved...IF i hadn't worn my high helled shoes...and so, there it starts; the peeling of toes! I had to walk in heels! Shit to infinity, my toes peeled due to the friction with my shoes...the sand, the mud, the sun!!! Oh, the horror!

Hey, i love places like that...if i had worn my Nikes! Man, I love spontaneity, but a little warning would've helped (you hearin' me, Prissy?)... :'(

So today, i sit here typing with sore feet, with cuts on my toes...all thanks to the 'hiking'...well, other than that, I had!

Well, whatever it is, I love you gals, and I had a great time...just had to vent on behalf of my feet! Next time, i'll wear my killer heels, and i'll bring some slippers for emergencies, k?

And Pris...thanks for the movie. W, thanks for the popcorn and coke! Love you guys to death!


Wee said...

Lesson learnt: Always bring spare slippers when going out with Pris.


ledzeppelin4evr said...

And a whole lot more!