Sunday, February 01, 2009

Eating...Over and Over and Over Again! v The Money Pit

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Been eating non-stop this past week...holidays make me wanna eat like a pig...went to Chilli's for's treat! The steak was rather bland...didn't have any sauce on's grilled lamb too! But mom's ordered the salmon, and I wished I did too! It was...mmmm!!! Vegetarian fajitas were ok, but no meat for me = NOOOOO!

Why did we eat out? Coz i wanted to buy me a pair of sneakers.

And guess what? Mom offered to buy 'em for me! I wouldn't let her pay the full amount, so I paid half...I feel so bad when she buys stuff for me, knowing well that she should buy something for herself...but i'm happy to have a new pair of Nike Air...after having the same Skechers for 5-6 years. At least, shoes like these last long, coz I doubt i'd buy another pair soon.




Ever watched this movie called 'The Money Pit'? It was one of Tom Hanks' earlier movies with Shelley Long...

It's about a couple who bought their 'dream home'...only to watch it crumble one piece at a time. One catastrophe after's too damn funny!

Now, flash forward to 2009!

My family had a last minute decision to go for a 2-day trip...since it was the Chinese New Year season, everyone but dad said we wouldn't be able to get a room at a decent hotel, as they were all fully booked. But noooo, dad said "we'll just go check things out over there"...and after checking all the nice places, we discovered this apartment complex next to a resort...Yuxxxxx!!! No parking...then dad inspected the room..."450 a night for this ugly piece of shit?", I thought!

Dad said we had to make do with what we had, and so...the nightmare begins...

No cable-TV...fixed! Good, I say!

No air-conditioning...only one room's air-cond was fixed...the other two...NO! Shit, I say!

Dirty, sandy floor...dusty utensils...dusty furniture...BAAAD, I say!

Damn expensive stuff at the sundry...OUCH, I say!

So, we decide to go eat at the "resort" restaurant, and WTF is all I can say...bad service (or no service at all, I must say), stupid staff (they don't even know what a steak knife is! WTF!!!), incompetent, lazy SOBs! Arrrggghhh...i would never snap at people, coz i have empathy...but one thing I can't stand are stupid people! I just won't talk about the shit that happened, as it still reside in my mind...maybe one day, I will look back and laugh at the horror that is that so-called restaurant-which-I-can't-even-remember! So, so bad!!!


Some trip...

We were so horrified at this, it felt surreal...a resort? really? They couldn't even provide ample parking over here!!! So, dad couldn't sleep, probably regrets saying buhbye to his hard-earned cash for a crappy stay at the 'Money Pit Lodge' (not its real name). We actually got up early in the morn to go home...anything to get out of this hellhole! To our relief, dad actually got back half of his money from the management...and we saw many, many families complaining to each other, waiting to claim theirs too! LMAO!

Well, at least we had a nice view of the sea! But c'mon...near the sea, but no water? That just too much!!! And that fucking dinner we had? Mom paid like over 200 bucks!

I pity my parents...all they wanted to do was spend some quality time with us, but circumstances did not allow it to happen...well, as much hell as it was, we had fun and love being able to spend this time out together...we knew the effort you made, and are so thankful...and baby, despite everyone else, had a blast! Hahahah!

But next time...please book a nice room at a decent place, k! Love you guys a lot!


aprilgirl87 said...

Which crappy "resort" that you and your family went to la?

ledzeppelin4evr said...

Hmmmph...Corus Resort...yuxxx...we stayed at their apartment 'penthouse'...bunch of d***wads!!!