Sunday, December 07, 2008

Sprinkle Some Fairydust For Happiness...

Sunday, December 07, 2008

I'm such a sucker for fairytales...yes, yes...those who know me can't vouch for what I just proclaimed...I seem like such a realist bitch! Ok, I get it...maybe I am, but to a degree. Coz when I see a movie that talks about happy endings, falling in love, kissing with fireworks, music when you meet the one you love...sigh, what an escape it gives you!

I'm not saying that i'm gonna hear music when I kiss 'the one', but it's nice to think that maybe there is someone out there for me...someone who GETS you, understands you even when you're talking in circles...someone who you can't stop thinking about...someone who gives you the feeling of butterflies in your stomach...someone you CLICK with! That's what i'm looking for! That's it!

An a-ha moment!!!

And another thing...for all the 'almosts' (i've had two or three...not many. Hah, i can't think of anyone who knows this...OMG! I'm too secretive!):

  • With every one of those 'almosts', i've never felt anything more than 'like' was always more of an 'ok, i'll try...', which is BAD!
  • Once I knew I don't click with them, it's "Buhbye"...I don't like wasting my time with nothingness
  • I'd rather be alone than with someone I don't love
  • All of the 'almosts'...they are the ones who call...I have never called them. I don't mean i'm a cheapo tryin' to cut cost on calls, I mean that I never felt the intent to call them...
  • I know what I wanted all along...and they weren't it
So, it's not like I didn't try, it's just that they weren't the right fit, get it? It didn't have to take long to know...but sometimes it's just a gut feeling (which I didn't have).

I'm not even looking for Mr. Right...i'm just looking for Mr. Right-for-the-moment...just someone I could experience this stage of my life with...then when we grow apart, just repeat the cycle until I miraculously find Mr.'s realistic and idealistic at the same time...hah! Take that!

Oh my God...where could he be? In the other side of the world or right at the corner? Under what circumstances do we meet?