Saturday, August 02, 2008


Saturday, August 02, 2008

Can you believe how hot it is these days?

I'm now a crispy-brown fried chicken, and i'm not kidding! What is going on here? What with all the global warming, ice caps melting, we sure aren't doing enough...

I'm mostly freaking out due to my freakish ability to grow freckles with being exposed to the harsh lightings of the sun...even though i'm a naturally tanned person! Un-freaking-believable! I thought brown-skinned peeps don't get freckles, and now i've been proven wrong.

Pigmentations suck-balls! And i can't believe humans can be cooked/baked/roasted by just walking under the sun...with an umbrella...

Malaysia's hot and humid weather does nothing to make things better...went out with friends the other day. On the way back, we took the 6pm train back to uni...We were packed like a can of sardines, and then some!

With my own eyes, I saw humans being pressure-cooked and steaming, sweat dripping on one another, all sorts of B.O. you could imagine. I was there, wanting to die on the spot...has anyone ever heard of deodorant? WTF!!!

Then some guy standing behind me kept saying "Hi"...

The first time, i ignored him...for the second time, i ignored him...then, for the third time, i said "Yeah...hi." I did it out of courtesy.

He said, "I just wanted to say hi..."

My reply, "Well, now is not a good time to say hi!"

Ok, it was rude, but c'mon! You're standing behind me in a full train, in front of dozens of people, and you wanna say hi? Are you kidding? Plus, your B.O. and your persistence just annoyed the hell outta me! Could you be anymore inappropriate?

So, he just shut up...Good! Then, later, i would be made fun of by my friends...