Sunday, April 27, 2008

Back for a Short While

Sunday, April 27, 2008

I have a huge gap betwen my exams...a week-long gap! It's both a good and a bad thing...go figure!

I also had to queue a long queue (LOL) to book my room for the next university session 2008/2009...yay, got a room next to my buddy-buds! We're so gonna get sick of each other the next time around, hehehe! Whoa, how time flies! One minute, you say it sucks, then it's good...then it sucks right back again! And where do you end up? At the end of the find yourself being a freshie, and upgraded to a sophomore...once again, i repeat...WHOA, HOW TIME FLIES!

My birthday is coming up...that means family outing (lunch/brunch/dinner/whatever!)...They ask me what i wanna eat, i say "JAPANESE PLEASE!", and my dad says he can't stand sushi, and my sister's a vegetarian, and my aunt doesn't eat weird food other than her home village let's just go and have a steak dinner!

Sigh...what's the freakin' point of asking ME since all of you had already made a choice! Geez...that's really annoying. I don't really need more food, you know! Some 21st birthday...i just want all of us to be happy and blessed by God, and that's all i ask...

Exams were kinda half-and-half; some good, some not so good...we'll just see!

I wanna go out, but the lack of cash prohibits it...i wanna watch all those new movies...i wanna go here, there and everywhere, experience everything great...but the lack of cash prohibits it. I wish i had a million dollars...

Any offers?