Friday, April 18, 2008


Friday, April 18, 2008

Why can't i seem to study? Why, Why, Why? Is it a hard thing to do; to read a little? And what's with this recurring dream i keep having? It is making me over-analyze my personal life, (READ: relationship!)

Yeap, the big relationship issue reels itself in yet again...i haven't touched on this subject for ages, since i've been too busy for shit like that. it goes again.

You see, i have this friend who keeps telling me that i NEED a bf...i flat out deny this BS and she says that proves that i REALLY REALLY am proving her point. My reply is "WHAT???"

All i want is this; a full, happy life with family and friends. Anything more would just be the icing of the proverbial freakin' cake! Why do i need to be defined as someone who NEEDS someone? All i need is my own life, to do as i please. I see my sister, who has been in a five year relationship so far (Wow!)...yeah, it is admirable, but i tell you what. They fight all the time. Do i want that? No thanks!

Plus, i'm a self-confessed commitment-phobe...i don't know why. My parents seem like the perfect couple, so maybe it is due to something else...

Another thing is, who would ever understand a girl like me? Another friend tells me that my so-called OK looks (i said so-called) do not match my brain-complexity. Yeah, i read philosophy for fun, my IT knowledge and geek-ism is better than the average layman, and the obsession for gadgetry is stunted by my lack of money, but which guy would know that? They think i'm stuck-up for not socializing like the other girls anyway, so why must i be a kiss-ass? Most guys are shallow like that...that's all!

Tell you what, when i meet a guy i can truly click with, you'll be the first to know. Mind you, attraction is a major point here, but attraction does not mean looks...those are 2 different things.

But, intellect, humor and a street-wise attitude is the way to go. In the end, personality trumps all. Right, guys...err, i mean girls! could just choose from a variety of bimbos, coz there are many bimbo-fish in the sea...the shallow sea. LOL! (Lame, i know.)

So maybe in the next post i'll give you details on the bimbo species available...that's if i put my study books down again!

I hate it when i'm in weird-mode...

Toodlez, bithces!