Friday, January 11, 2008

Negative Mantras Kill Me Softly With Its Words

Friday, January 11, 2008

I call myself an idiot, a moron, lazy, stooopid every single time i make a's about time i stop!

I seem to be to hard on myself. I already am the sane eldest sister, who forgoes drinking alcohol while driving, forbids underaged-drinking when my sis and her freakin' friends beg me to provide them with liquor...i'll face it now...


So, in keeping with the new year theme, (which has ended a few days ago...) I have developed a new year plan for myself...MY very own set of MYSELF!!!

I shouldn't go as far as calling myself an idiot all the time, coz as i know, i have gone through a hard time...with such flair, that i shock myself...

  • I should create a new affirmative mantra, play a great affirmative soundtrack to my life in my head, and loop it to playback. Over and over and over again!
  • I am not fat...i am normal...i am not dark...i'm tanned and i'm a bronzed goddess (LOL!)...I AM SMART and INTELLIGENT!
  • I will not use my body as a trash can to dump garbage into; i.e. JUNK FOOD!
  • I will not pine for any man...I will find love with a great, kind, smart guy who i can truly connect with, and we will at least have something called a relationship...I WILL NOT BE AFRAID TO LOVE!
  • I will not sum people up by their first impression...coz, of course, most of the time, IT"S DEAD WRONG!
  • I will keep reading great books, because it enriches my mind and takes me to places i've never been.
  • I will not take my family for granted, coz they're just plain freakin' great!
  • I will ace every single test i take!
  • I will remain a good person for the rest of my life (well, at least for 2008!)
  • I will not compare myself to any other individual---for it either makes me too arrogant, or too jealous.
I will try to keep these rules sacred, for these are my commandments to myself...for the year 2008...God help me!