Wednesday, March 28, 2007

What's Up???

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Yeah, what's up with Malaysians nowadays? Total selfishness and stupidity...everywhere!

It has been twice since someone's cut me off-queue, damnit! The first time, this 40-ish guy came off his old motorcycle and cut me off while I was lining to buy me brekkie...Nasi Lemak w/ Kerang (Mmmmm....)! Huh, what the hell did I do? I called out my freakin' order out loud before the lady could pick up his order. Luckily, this lady acknowledged that I was there first, and proceeded to give me mine...Hah!

Today- the 2nd time; this old-ish hag (call her Lady Hag) cut a lady (let's call her Lady B) in front of me, and Lady B did not have the guts to say a word.

OMG, I seriously almost screamed out "Hey fuckster, don't you know how to queue up?"...BUT, she would probably die of a heart-attack, seeing that she's about 50 something or I didn't...Lady B should have, though! If anyone ever cut me off like that, I would have a fit! Too bad the nasi lemak lady didn't see Lady Hag cutting queue.

Just wanna say, don't be a fucker and go jumping into people's queue...have some decency, courtesy and respect for your fellow humans...we ain't animals, y'all...

And If I ever catch you doing that, I'm gon' do some ass-whoopin'...BIG TIME!