Monday, September 06, 2010

So Much Has Happened...

Monday, September 06, 2010

I can't believe it...the time has passed so quickly...and all this while I haven't updated my can this be? I miss you...I miss coming here and typing everything in my head...where no judgment passes me...all the words just lie here in a vacuum of the blogosphere!

I am currently working...yes, I AM WORKING!!! OMG...I didn't say it earlier because I didn't wanna jinx it, but who needs to say anything when you have a mother who practically broadcasts everything on her Facebook wall??? I am laughing now, but when she did it at the time, I was so freakin' mad and embarrassed...well, the past is forward to now...I did get the job, and I'm now undergoing training!

What's mad is I have joined the automobile industry...which is something I have never thought of joining...but whoever said the Taurus sign isn't your heart out!!! This is a total 180 for me in every way! Cars...I have to eat, sleep and breathe cars...I am actually looking forward to this...hahaha, especially the part where I will be attached as a technician! OMG...ganassss aka fierce!!! LMAO!!!

Okay, so it's been a few days of ups and downs, but I have been warned that the coming weeks are gonna be hell...I'm freakin' ready...ready for anything you wanna give me!!!

I shall note my day-to-day activities if I of the trainers said it's good to keep notes, so you don't forget...or maybe a few years down the road, you can read it again and remember the good and bad of your past experiences. For now...those other MTs are my friends, and I'm sure we're gonna grow together. Please be with us, God!

And as for the trip to much as I want to go...I am bonded to the organization which hired me...I have 4 months of training, in which I can't take I sent in my resignation and pulled out of the trip...much to my sadness. But I can';t do anything but support my friends who are lucky enough to join the trip...please do it, and live my dream for me... :D

What else? Oh, I might get a car soon...might get staff price without waiting a year since we're bonded for 3 freakin' years!!! Muahahah, I don't want one, but I NEED one! It's just impossible to borrow Dad's car all the time! Impossible! Hey, even if I don't get the staff price...I NEED one... :(

Till the next post...I'm fuckin''s 12 am...OMG, I'm becoming normal!!! :-0