Tuesday, November 03, 2009

New Obsession...

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Well you know sometimes when a singer of a band has a gimmicky or rather 'out there' kinda look, it turns a person off...but after I put those kinds of things aside, i kinda like the band...who? what?

It's Tokio Hotel...your average German-rockers-turned-international sensation! Okok, i must admit it, Bill and Tom Kaulitz; the twins made me fascinated...and the initial song that brought me in was some song i saw in a video montage during a recent concert i attended...it was 'Automatic'...or 'Automatisch' in German...sound better in English, ahahaha!

As usual...my curiosity hit me, so i YouTubed the song and i heard the whole thing...so ok, i liked it! Then, i saw few related videos on the band and discovered they were soooo freakin' German! LOL, they can't even speak English without sounding like some German character out of The Simpsons...but yeah, i like their songs. The German ones, the English ones...both!

TH sounds like the LostProphets, with some Rammstein flavor (but of course, just the German factor...Rammstein is waaaaaaay too legendary to be compared to TH!)

Maybe it's a phase, but I like them and that's that...and even if Bill looks like a hot girl, it doesn't steer away from the concept of good music. I wouldn't say it's fantastic, but it certainly got my attention...

Hey, maybe gimmics DO work...if he dressed like your average Joe, i wouldn't have discovered them anyway! So here's to you...Tokio Hotel! Ich liebe dich...hahahahah!

Okok, I know they're an 'old' band...but it wouldn't hurt to gain a new fan, right? Below are the twins; Tom and Bill Kaulitz...by the looks of the videos on them, Tom is more guy-like, while Bill is ultra feminine in the way he talks and acts...funny, huh? Bill is so pretty!

TH, my new obsession...please come to Malaysia soon!


NightFox said...

Heard of the band but never really give much thought about it. If you didn't mention that both twins are guys I really would have thought that the twin with the longer hair is a girl. lol.

Ledzeppelin4evr said...

Foxieeeeeeeeeeee where have u beeeeeeeeeeeeeeen? Miss u la!!!

You should hear some of their songs...i dunno, i kinda like their songs...both German and English. I don't really like their songs when he was a boy, with the raspy, breaking voice...but now, now he has an ok-sounding voice. I'm a fan la, sad to say...heheheh! Listen to 1000 Oceans or 1000 Meere (in Deutsch)...one of my faves! Aaarrrgggghhhh, what's wrong with me?

PS: Pls update ur blog la wei!!!

PPS:Ich liebe Tokio Hotel!

NightFox said...

Will check out 1000 oceans on your recommendation :)

Lol. I've nothing much to blog about these days. Will try to update it soon when I've something worth blogging about.

Ledzeppelin4evr said...

Yay! But itu lagu slow tau...dunno la Foxy Cleopatra...seriously been listening to their songs non-stop! Fck!

PS: Like as if i've gt something interesting in my blog...everything is utterly useless! U're working already ke? I msged u dat time to ajak pg concert AAR lu tak balas, so i invited P... :(

NightFox said...

Nah, still job hunting :( it's tough to get a job in IT firms.

Nope...I didn't get any message from you. Did you texted me cos' I'm sure as hell that I didn't receive any message from you.

Anyways, you guys have fun at the concert!

Ledzeppelin4evr said...

Yeah i texted u dat time...the concert was last Saturday laaaa...anyway, hope we can catch up soon...
BTW: just found another song by them...Zoom into Me...haunting! Love it! Why the hell can't i stop...help!!!

NightFox said...

Lol. I was so preoccupied with other stuffs that I didn't notice other happenings.

Lets catch up some time soon :)