Wednesday, May 28, 2008

OK...Now What?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Yeah, been home lately...doin nothing but cooking for the fam and watching TV.

Okay, okay, i regret not looking for a job! I'll admit it!

One thing i'm super bummed about is my lack of cash! I can't go out unless i ask mom and dad, and that's embarassing for me, coz all this while, i'd never ask them for money coz i know their financial hardship...

Well, i know they would give me some money in a heartbeat, but i somehow would feel guilty, and i don't know why. My sis is certainly sucking 'em dry with her using the car, getting money for gas, and her daily expenditure...i just find it difficult asking them for some, you know...

BUT! That doesn't mean i wouldn't wanna go out with some friends once in a while...i don't go out everyday. I deserve some days out!

Other than that, yesterday i dreamt of this guy i know (we're not close, just sorta know him and sorta have a crush on him, hehehe!) asking me out. In my dream, i said yes...then, i was woken up by my baby sister...oh, damn!

LOL! I'm so crushing on this guy, but...i think he WAS in his final year...and probably taken...Meh, one chance missed! Damn!

Other than that, what should i do...i should try to do some productive stuff, right? The problem is...what? I don't know, read many books? compose a score (ROFL)? Get some cats and call myself a spinster? Etc?

My current situation is...