Thursday, October 27, 2011

It's Easy Being A Bitch For Some...

Thursday, October 27, 2011

I don't have to say much. We've all been there. Especially for some people who have it easier than some.

Why don't you fucking realize that you have everything that you need, and the rest of us take the hard way...we go to public universities coz we can't afford more expensive colleges; we don't have wealthy benefactors to give us any funds coz...meh, just a tough break.

Some of us deliberately take a different route simply because we don't want our mothers to dictate what we should become. What we initially thought we wanted was not what WE wanted, but what our parents wanted for us...

Some of us do not have a history of cutting ourselves and being useless during a certain phase of our teenaged life. So buzz off, it's my turn to do what I WANT; since you did it your whole "phase"...give me my fucking chance for once! Because of you, I forced myself to become the "good child" fine...i'm a useless piece of crap now. But now you're the "good child" what's the fucking problem? I'm not hurting myself, right?

You DG2S about what I think right? Well, if you don't...why the hell are you always in my face about every single petty issue? Just.shuuuuut.upppppppppppp.OMG!!!

Realize...things are so much deeper than the shallow surface you see. I guess you always think in a shallow way. Well I don't. Everything is steeped in other unresolved issues, asshole. You are such a megalomaniac!

PS: This is my only please, let me be! Nobody ever takes my side, so TQVM! I'm mad...boohoo!