Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Challenges Motivate Me

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It has been more than four months since i've been working where I was posted. I sort of felt lucky that I got good people for colleagues, brilliant bosses who are supportive, highly generous with their knowledge. Some of the others are having a hard time adapting. One friend has not been so lucky.

She sort of broke down to me on the phone. I was out doing my outlet evaluation and all that crap and I just got this call. It was her, talking, just silent sobs. Imagine the shock that was going through me, coz I've never seen her cry. Complain, yes (understandable)...but to cry over work? Something's gotta be wrong. Turns out she's not the only one...another friend lost 5 kgs in just a week, I got another shock once I saw him...whatever it is, I just had to travel back to HQ coz I didn't wanna feel like a useless friend...I mean someone reaching out, you've gotta do what you gotta do, right?

I was just pondering about this...I don't have things so good, either. I'm driving almost EVERYWHERE in the Klang valley, using MY own car, filling it with petrol almost every 1.5 days, driving back to the HQ if I finish early (coz I can't seem to go home before's like a sickness!)...and I am not entitled for claims...I don't even wanna count how much I'm spending on travelling coz it will only serve to make me angry, anxious and worried.

At this rate, I finish my salary by the time I get the next month's salary credited. So I'm not saving and/or investing the way I planned. Hopefully my boss approves all my claims for traveling, since he chose me for this!

Another issue...the GM scolded my boss (poor boss!) for sending me out to do evaluations...says it's too operational and routine. I was thinking this to myself... I don't learn anything, and I can't grow within this company if I don't learn. Therefore, he asked my boss to put me back in the planning and management team...yet again!

See? Another issue here...I got into a dept. undergoing consolidation. From Sales, consolidating happened with After-sales...put together under Marketing. And it's cross-functional. So by the time this 5-month stint with traveling is over, my KPI will change yet again! I sort of feel like a ping-pong ball now...and this is happening in my small, pixie-like department (I say pixie coz the dept is small...)

Hence, I'm a guinea pig...with no permanent KPI like the other MTs who are having a "bad time coping". I am not complaining though...I know shit happens, but it teaches you lessons like nothing else could. If I could compliment myself...I would say that I am easily-adaptable, judging from all the adapting I've done my whole life. I think I can do this...perhaps prove myself to be a gem.

I just pray for my friends who can't handle the stress...1st, you gotta pray. 2nd, come hangout with me and let me entertain you with lame jokes and nasty one-liners.

Btw, I am thankful for it all...aim high!!!

Au revoir, beeshays!